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Benefits of Adopting a Mature Pet

A large part of the SPCA AllianceØs mission is to increase the number of adoptions at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control Bureau so homeless animals donØt have to be euthanized.

There are a number of contributing factors to the high euthanasia rate at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control with one of them being that far too many people choose to adopt their pets from local breeders or Àpuppy mill” pet stores. Although there are reputable dog and cat breeders in the world, not all breeders have the animalsØ or your best interests at heart. Irresponsible breeders are out for a buck, caring little for the animal, you, or your new life together.

Every single time someone breeds their pet they are taking away the opportunity for a homeless animal to be adopted.

Many of a shelters homeless animals are puppies and kittens, victims of irresponsible people who allowed their pets to breed. But there are at least as many dogs and cats at Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control and other animal shelters that are over a year oldþanimals who were obtained by people who didnØt think through the responsibilities of pet ownership before they adopted the animal.

Senior dogs and cats make great companions, yet sadly, they are often overlooked in our nationØs shelters when it comes to adoption. Playful & energetic puppies and kittens catch the attention of potential adopters, while the quieter and more reserved animals fade into the background. We want to remind you that the benefits of adopting an older dog or cat are numerous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only are these experienced pets often a bit more Àcivilized” than their younger counterparts, but many have already acquired some basic training. Most of these candidates will be past the chewing stage; most older dogs are housebroken and most cats are litter trained. A mature pet also allows you the benefit of knowing its Àfull grown” size so the 100 pound lap dog will not be a surprise! Why not give a mature dog or cat a second chance?


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News & Events

American Humane Alliance

Animal Emergency Services

Volunteer Training Workshop

July 19-20, 2008

8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Lowe's Motor Speedway

Concord, NC 28027

Click here for a flyer

Register @ 704-533-0864 or info@spcaalliance.com

Anyone interested in the welfare of animals may attend.

Cost: $50/non-members of American Humane Assoc.

or $35/members.

Sponsors: Ryan Newman Foundation & Regan Smith Racing


American Humane Alliance


July 19th (10 am - 4 pm)

Birkdale Shopping Center

in Huntersville

(by Dick's Sporting Goods)

Stop by to see this phenomenol rig that will be on display for educational purposes and learn how the American Humane Association helps animals during natural disasters and emergencies.

Click here for a flier

Both events will be hosted by the SPCA ALLIANCE

(Charlotte NC)

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